Compare Green Flag, RAC and AA breakdown cover for cars, motorbikes and vans using our easy to understand, side by side, comparison guides, we help you find the best break down deals for both you and your vehicle. Throughout this site you will find information to help you decide which type of policy and what level of cover best suits your needs, from basic roadside assistance to comprehensive policies that include recovery, home start and onward journey options. As well as personal and vehicle membership offers, you will find information on joint and family membership as well as the cheapest 2 car breakdown deals that could save you £’s

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How to choose your breakdown cover

How you and possibly how your partner or family use your vehicle or vehicles will help you decide whether to choose a personal or vehicle based policy and what options to add to the basic roadside assistance cover that forms the basis of all breakdown policies.

Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  1. How many cars do you own or use on a regular basis?
  2. How many people in your family or household drive?
  3. What sort of journeys do you take, are they mostly local journeys or do you travel longer distances and often use the motorways?
  4. How much can you afford to pay?
  5. Would you prefer to pay a yearly membership or would monthly payment suit you better
  6. Do you ever travel abroad with your car to other countries in Europe or do you only drive in the UK?
  7. If you take your vehicle to Europe how often do you go?
  8. What type of vehicle/s do you drive
  9. How old are your vehicles?
  10. If you broke down a long way from home would you like the option to continue your journey or stay locally while your vehicle is fixed?
  11. How important is it to have coverage at home if your car won’t start in the morning?
  12. Do you have a preference out of the top 3 breakdown companies, Green Flag, AA or RAC?

Once you have answered these questions you should find choosing cover much easier.

Which to Choose, Personal or Vehicle Cover?

Personal Cover means it’s the person or persons who are named on the policy that are covered and not the vehicle. Personal breakdown cover allows you to drive any eligible vehicle, typically these include cars, motorbikes, small car derived vans, and maybe motorhomes. To find out who covers what go to the Green Flag, AA and RAC pages for more details.

If you drive or travel in more than one car or other vehicle on a regular basis that does not have UK breakdown cover then a personal based policy maybe your best option

Vehicle Cover insures the vehicle or vehicles named on the policy regardless of who is driving, so long as you can produce proof of membership when the patrol man arrives. This is often the cheapest breakdown cover option. RAC and AA both have a set amount for their policies regardless of the age or make of your vehicle, however Green Flag tailor theirs based on the details you give them. This can often mean that Green Flag are cheapest for newer cars and RAC and AA are cheapest for older cars. See our breakdown comparison tables for the latest offers and prices.

If you only have 1 car and you share it with a partner or other family member living at home with you, then this type of policy may well save you money.


All UK breakdown cover includes roadside assistance, however, there are a number of options you can add to this to cover you further, these include: Recovery, Home Start, Onward travel, breakdown repair and European cover. You can any combination, or in fact all, of these options to tailor your policy to suit your specific needs.

Roadside assistance is the basic breakdown service offered by all companies, it covers you should you break down more than a quarter of a mile from your home or registered address. Your breakdown company will assist you at the road side and in over 80% of cases they will get you running again and on your way. If, however, they cannot fix your vehicle at the side of the road, they will tow you to the nearest garage where it is then up to you to arrange any repairs.

Prices for this service can start as low as about £20 per year.

Recovery is an option that many people take out as it extends the distance your breakdown provider will recover your vehicle to include any single location within the UK. Instead of towing your vehicle and transporting you and your passengers to a garage local to where you broke down, leaving you stranded with no way of getting home, recovery gives you the option to have your vehicle transported to a garage near to where you live, or if you like, to your home address.

Home start extends roadside cover to include your home address and the first quarter of a mile surrounding it. If you rely on your car to get you to work in the morning, especially during the winter time when starting your car can become more difficult, then at home cover could prove essential to you.

Onward Travel, this option is design to allow you to complete your journey instead of having to return home should you break down. Options include local over night hotel accommodation while your car is being fixed, or the use of a hire car to continue your journey. For full details of what each company offers see the AA, RAC and Green Flag pages.

Choosing a breakdown service provider

Once you have decided on personal or vehicle cover and which options you would like to add, your final decision is which breakdown company to choose. Many people like to stick with the best known brands or the one they have always used in the past, however, before you decide it is worth asking yourself some questions about what you expect. Some things to consider are:

  1. What services do each company offer?
  2. Does the provider have its own patrols, and if not does it really matter?
  3. What is the average response time after a call-out?
  4. What are the maximum number of call-outs you are allowed per year?
  5. Does the provider offer no claims discount and, if so, does this make it cheaper than switching to a different provider once your yearly membership expires?
  6. Does the provider offer any additional membership benefits?
  7. What payment options are available, can you pay monthly, quarterly or yearly?
  8. Which payment methods  are available, direct debit, credit/debit card or maybe some other form of payment such as PayPal?
  9. Are there any breakdown cover offers that enable you to get a higher level of cover for a better price or even for free?
  10. What restrictions are applied to your vehicle, such as age, usage, size and weight?
  11. Where does coverage extend to?
  12. Would your policy cover you when towing a caravan or a trailer?

By considering all of the benefits, together with the restrictions each company impose you should be better able to compare AA vs RAC vs Green Flag to find the best breakdown cover deal to suit your circumstances.

For more detailed information on any company or product offered, click on one of the links provided.

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